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Active Lifestylers are people who: 

  • want to build a little exercise into their daily routine but probably don't want to run marathons and might not own any Lycra!

  • who would like to leave the car at home and cycle into town for shopping.

  • who run for fitness but not so that they can enter competitions

  • people who used to enjoy cycling but now their joints are not strong enough any more

  • people who want to lose weight or are very unfit now


Cycling even for just 10 minutes per day will improve your physical health and produces ENDORPHINS.

  • ENDORPHINS are chemicals that help to relieve pain or stress, and boost happiness.

  • Regular exercise has been found to help combat anxiety and depression due to the endorphins it releases. Low endorphin levels have been linked to depression and headaches.

Cycling is low impact exercise and is gentle on your joints. If you have arthritis, then an electric-assist bike can give you that extra boost to enable you to cycle again. So you still get some exercise but hills and pulling away from rest become much easier.

Even when the town roads are grid locked and the car parks full, you can cycle into town and park in just a few minutes.

ASK YOURSELF for each car journey, could I use the bike? If you have shopping or kids that need transporting why not consider a cycle trailer. Prices start from £85 for a child trailer or £70 for a cargo trailer! And reduced car costs (parking, petrol, tyres, devaluation) will soon pay for the trailer.


Save 25% to 39% on the cost of a new bike and spread the payments with the Cycle To Work scheme.

Help to make a real difference to Farnham, reducing pollution and increasing air quality,  just by cycling.

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