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If we are allowed to build the new cycle tracks you would be to travel around town in safety, avoiding narrow, crowded pavements and roads.

Cycle tracks are physically separated from the road and are not just a white line painted on a dangerous highway. They are equipped with dropped kerbs and road crossings usually take place at a pelican/cycle crossing equipped with traffic lights. 

mobility scooter 2.jpg

Even when the town roads are gridlocked and the car parks full, you can use the cycle tracks to get into town.

mobility scooter 1.jpg

Almost anyone can cycle. There are machines available to overcome almost any form or disability. Here are a few.

Here is some more info & a video showing how cycle tracks can set people with disabilities free

disabled cycling.jfif

Alice Holt Inclusive Cycling is now open (from 1st October). You can try out a wide variety of cycling machines designed for disabled people and their carers. It is just £3 per disabled person and carers are free. They are based next to the AH cafe and have a short figure-of-eight track next to the office and you can also use the extensive cycle tracks throughout the forest. The sessions run from 09:30 to 12:30 each Thursday. Here are a selection of their machines. 

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