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Some people feel that it's safer to cycle in central London than Farnham. So we are lobbying for cycle segregated cycle tracks here that will make people want to leave their cars at home on many occasions and choose to cycle. Especially for those short, frequent car journeys when the car produces the most pollution per mile. Electric-assist bikes can make hills disappear so that people who own no lycra can gain exercise and endorphins, and save money and pollution. This new technology can also extend the cycling range of the average person especially if pulling a cycle trailer to take the kids to school. We don't intend to shut any roads, but we do intend to open up the network, to mobility scooters and young people to give them 'independence in safety in clean air'.​ The Farnham Infrastructure Programme has a number of quick wins planned followed by 5 routes across the town centre (that have not been publised yet). Fingers crossed that these routes will include some segregated sections across the most scary part of the town, the town centre. But there is an existing cycle track running from William Cobbet Primary School right through to Potters Gatge Primar y School via Heath End Secondary School, the Scholars Greenway.

Existing Route - Farnham Scholars Greenway


The 'Short/Medium Term Inventions' Hale Trail


Through the FIP programme’s medium-term interventions project, a number of schemes to support active and sustainable travel are being considered. They are: 

  • Borelli Walk Park and Stride: walking and cycling improvements along the River Wey from the riverside car park to South Street.

  • Scholars Greenway: walking and cycling improvements within Farnham Park

  • Eastern Border Path/Hale Trail: walking and cycling improvements within Farnham Park

  • New bike shelters, secure bike parking and e-bike charging in appropriate locations across the town

  • Additional CCTV for pedestrian safety

  • Gardeners Hill Road - walking and cycling improvements between Sandrock Hill and Baker Oats Drive

  • Improved signage to support access to schools

The other medium-term interventions are: extending the 30mph limit on Odiham Road to the junction with Old Park Lane bridleway, A325/Water Lane Roundabout traffic flow improvements and a review of speed limits along rest of A287.

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