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Do you drive you kids to school because the roads aren't safe to cycle? Do you then go for a run afterwards?

If we are allowed to build the new cycle tracks you would be able to cycle to school with the children. They could either be sitting in a cycle trailer like the one above (which costs about £80) or they could cycle with you. In later phases we intend to link to secondary schools in Farnham and then teenagers could cycle to school on their own.

Cycling will not only reduce pollution, but it saves those short car journeys with a cold engine, when your car is least efficient and costs the most to run. On a short journey, your car might only be averaging 20 miles to the gallon.

An electric-assist bike can make hills disappear and help you pull away from a junction more quickly, saving time. No lycra required!  Prices are coming down and can be a lot of fun. Check out the RadRunner

When you've finished cycling to school you will have just had some great low-impact exercise which is better for your back and joints than running. And, for those parents who for a fitness run in the morning, will have have already completed your exercise for the morning and are free to start the rest of your day! Some people think it's crazy that we drive to school with the kids and then go for a run to stay fit.

Save 25% to 39% on the cost of a new bike and spread the payments with the Cycle To Work scheme.

We do NOT recommend this, although it is fun: Danny Macaskill Day Care


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