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Independence In Safety In Clean Air

Our cycle tracks will be separated from roads used by cars by some form of strong barrier so that there is no danger to young people from road vehicles. Road crossings will normally be via pelican/cycle crossings with traffic lights, so these are safe too.

Our aim is to build cycle tracks that can be used by a 12 year old without their parents. This is the UK standard that the cycle organisation Sustrans uses to decide if they are safe. When we have built cycle tracks like this, young people will have the freedom to travel across Farnham to meet up with mates or empty the supermarkets of snacks whenever they fancy. And their parents can stay at home being boring and the kids have all the fun. Unfortunately parents will be allowed out too, but you can always just avoid them 😉 

We aim to connect up Farnham shops, the skate park, the Leisure Centre to housing areas of Farnham. Some primary schools will be connected with the first phase of the network and second schools should follow in future phases.

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