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'Elane' is our FCC ebike and this is her page! She is available for the people of Farnham to borrow free of charge for periods of 1 hour to 2 weeks. Just get in touch if you want to have a go farnhamcyclecampaign@gmail.com


Electric-assist bikes are transformative. One cyclist told us "Although I knew what electric-assist bikes can do after watching the 80 year old gentlemen swiftly glide up the steep Firgrove Hill in the FCC Christmas video, it was only when I actually experienced riding an ebike that I realised how transformational they can be. I cycled from the bottom of Downing Street, up 3 hills to the Drovers Way in Upper Hale, rising 270 feet, without even getting out of breath and in just 8 minutes. So if a friend asked me to pop over to Lower Bourne from the centre of town for coffee, the hills would no longer be an issue." 

Electric-assist bikes, or e-bikes, are general terms for pedal bicycles with an electric motor. The motor saves time pulling away and getting up hilss and allows people who are not fit to take to 2 wheels again.


Anyone 14 and above, may cycle an e-bike on roads, bridleways and cycle tracks just as they would a normal bicycle.

What Is Available To Borrow

Folding Argos ebike + lock + lights 

Folding trailer + lights

What Do They Cost

Prices start from £430 for a Brompton-style folding bike from Argos. Elane cost us £550 and the 2-child trailer was £125. If this allows parents to avoid having a second car then it is a much cheaper option than driving

Local Bike Shops around Farnham

To find out where you can buy your own please see our Ebike Info page.

Instructions For Using Elane

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